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The Swarm-Aurora project was designed to facilitated and drive the use of Swarm in auroral science and push Swarm beyond its primary mission objective to become a key instrument in auroral science research. The primary objective of Swarm-Aurora is to build a bridge between Swarm data, the Swarm science community, and optical images of the aurora collected primarily by ground-based All-Sky Imagers (ASIs).

We aim to acheive this by providing an easy-to-use and fast web interface to interact with a large array of summary data products from both ground-based and satellite instruments.

This movie aims to illustrate the vast amount of ground-based instruments spanning the globe and just how many possibilities for conjunctions with Swarm there are.

Conjunction Finder and Keogram Browser

We have built two web interfaces for you to use for browsing summary data. First, and our main focus of the project, is the Conjunction Finder. It focuses on satellite data and helping you find conjunctions with ground-based instrumentation.

Second is the Keogram Browser. Alternatively, it focuses on the ground-based instrumentation first (opposite to the Conjunction Finder) to help you browse summary data. This tool is still very much a work-in-progress.

View the Conjunction Finder  
View the Keogram Browser

Browse data offline using

In addition to the online web interfaces (Conjunction Finder and Keogram Browser), we have developed a cross-platform desktop application, which we are calling Swarm-Aurora On-The-Go.

This is a mirror copy of the Conjunction Finder, but, can be used while 100% offline. Have a long flight coming up? Download some (or all, currently 20GB) of the summary data to your laptop and you'll be able to sift through data quickly on the plane!

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