The Swarm-Aurora Conjunction Finder can now be also used as an offline browsing tool, which we are calling Swarm-Aurora On-The-Go. This is a cross-platform desktop application which allows you to use the Conjunction Finder while 100% offline. Have a long flight coming up? Download some (or all, currently 35GB) of the summary data to your laptop and you'll be able to sift through data quickly on the plane!

Step 1: Download the Application

Version: 1.1.0
Released: May 31, 2018

Step 2: Download Summary Data and Ephemeris

Interact with the form below to choose which summary data you want to download. This form will take your configuration, and build a zip file on our servers which contains the summary data you requested.

Once your configuration has been packaged, it will be available for download. After you've downloaded the summary data, extract the contents, then start the desktop application. Lastly, use the desktop application to import the data.

Presently, the average size for a day of summary data (during peak imaging time, ie. Nov-Feb) is approximately 45MB. A typical year's worth of summary data is about 12GB. For convienience, we provide pre-packaged zip files for each year and month in addition to the below custom form.

Select Date Range

Select Ephemeris

Select Summary Data

Build Configuration